All-weather floor-standing cabinets

All-weather climatic cabinets are designed to accommodate electrical and communication equipment, prevent unauthorized access to equipment and maintain the required temperature mode in sections. Any packaging is possible.

General description

Cabinets are used for installation and year-round operation in the open air in unguarded areas, next to the container of Control and management container unit (CMCU TISAS). Installation and fixing cabinets outdoors is supposed to be on the foundation – a reinforced concrete base. This solution provides a guaranteed climate and humidity regime, dust collection, guaranteed power supply, automatic fire extinguishing system, the possibility of remote monitoring, has enhanced anti-burglary characteristics.

Cabinets are adapted to accommodate any additional telecommunications equipment and related components. The product is powered from an AC network with voltage of 380 V. In emergency mode, the cabinet allows operation from batteries.

The all-weather climate cabinet represented is sectional and includes two types of main sections – PSU compartment (consisting of PSU, accumulator battery, Incoming Switchgear) and active equipment compartment. It is possible to closely dock additional compartments with the customer’s equipment, without gaps. It is possible to install up to three sections with active equipment with one PSU section.

The main features of the cabinet design:

  • sectional construct;
  • external protective frame with heat insulation;
  • pedestal 200 mm, external earthing point;
  • false roof 50 mm;
  • staff protection canopy;
  • front door, external protective cover;
  • a pocket for documentation, a shelf for a laptop;
  • rear removable wall mounted from the inside of the cabinet; special door and rear panel seal;
  • shelf, reinforced for the accumulator battery - 4 pcs. (for section No.1);
  • 4 rails 12U high (for section No. 1) and 42U high (for section No.2);
  • cable entry – PG36 cable gland – 4 pcs., PG21 cable gland – 1 pc .;
  • frost protection lock;
  • external plug of Mobile Power Plant (MPP);
  • cable channel for cable laying between sections;
  • possibility of joining sections to each other.


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