Multi-service access node of anti-vandal design 'TWITEL 1 003'

Multiservice access node 'TWITEL' of anti-vandal design is intended for the construction of broadband access networks (BBAN) according to 'optics to the cabinet' technology (FTTC).

General description

The 'TWITEL1003' cabinet solution developed by the 'TeleCore' specialists has a perfect technical characteristics – price ratio. For several years, the design has been meticulously refined, the cabinet has been subject to climatic, functional and various kinds of stress tests. The final product has received the highest acclaim from certification and research companies and from our clients. The cabinet is adapted (has special, enhanced anti-burglary characteristics) to accommodate any telecommunication equipment and related components.

This technology allows the operator to systematically develop optical access, without building a parallel copper infrastructure from traffic aggregation points to end users of the mass segment. In this case, the last mile will use the existing copper distribution networks, while radically reducing the operating expenses for servicing cable line infrastructure trunk sections. At the same time, operator’s subscribers are provided with services that are second to none with respect to other competitive access technologies based on a fiber-optic medium. The cabinets can be installed in entrance halls and in distribution cabinets stances.

The cabinet ensures:

  • Required temperature mode;
  • Dust collection;
  • Guaranteed power supply;
  • Possibility of remote monitoring.

Basic features

  • High tamper and vandal resistance;
  • Implementation with electromagnetic protection providing a reduction of electromagnetic radiation is possible;
  • Possibility of outdoor placement in adverse climatic conditions (snow, rain, fog, wind, high snow cover, temperature fluctuations);
  • Arctic version;
  • Seismic version;
  • Separate personnel access to equipment placement areas: engineering, general purpose, switching;
  • The continuous presence of operational personnel is not required;
  • Video recording of actions in the cabinet and in the adjacent territory;
  • Capacious battery compartments for continuous operation in case of power supply accidents.
  • High fire resistance (up to 90 min.)


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