Eelectrical cabinets and industrial purpose cabinets 'Telecore industrial'

floor-standing INDUSTRIAL distribution cabinets are designed for operation in the industrial automation systems, process communication and safety systems. Designed to accommodate switching and control equipment of production lines and technological processes, accommodation and installation of electrical, electronic equipment, specialized controllers, communications and telecommunications equipment and IT equipment in industrial performance.

General description

The key difference of the 'TeleCore' Industrial cabinets is the ability to meet the specific requirements of end customers, the manufacture of cabinets of non-standard sizes and scope of supply, virtually without no increase in production time, and with established high quality and reliability of products.

Depending on the requirements of customers, methods of mounting, the volume of the mounted equipment and its weight, a specialized design and additional options are selected or designed. Accessories ensure options for mounting hardware in the cabinet, cables wiring and switching, while allowing to optimize the equipment layout. Structurally, cabinets can be used both separately, with a single installation, and bolted into the rows, including non-standard forms – for example, in an angle.

The key features are:

  • high load capacity;
  • seismic version;

Sold complete only, ready, complete with all necessary documentation, tested, can be accepted by the customer at the factory before shipment.


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