Дизельные электростанции ДЭС

Autonomous diesel power plants (ADPP) in a container, manufactured by the 'TeleCore', are fully autonomous power modules designed for operation in various weather conditions, at temperatures from –50 (–60) ° С to +40 ° С, in the complete absence of electrical networks, or for emergency power supply to consumers. The use of mobile buildings of Sever container type allows to create autonomous complexes designed for the rapid construction of power supply systems with minimal costs for transportation, installation and maintenance.

General description

Savings are achieved due to the unification of transport dimensions, modularity of structures and the provision of automation. Thus, container version diesel power plants can be transported by any type of transport, and bring them from transport to working position even on an unprepared site in a matter of hours, and operate without the involvement of specialized personnel. Depending on version, DGU in a container can supply with electricity both a small country cottage with an energy consumption of up to 15–30 kW and enterprises with a capacity of up to several megawatts. The difference in the power generated is due to the power of the diesel engine used.


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