Mobile mining farm

The computing mining container consists of the main unit 12,192х2,896х3,000 mm (LхHхW) and the unit of the reverse flow and air mixing chamber 12,192х1,000х3,000 mm (LхHхW). It has guides and fasteners for quick onsite installation as a single unit.

General description

Mobile data centers for cryptocurrency mining in containers for all climatic zones.


The 'TeleCore' has produced hundreds of turnkey mobile computing systems for dozens of major companies.

For any climatic zones

Climatic conditions for the operation of a mobile mining farm at outdoor air temperatures from -40 ° C to +38 °C and provide the highest possible energy efficiency. For the 'cold' start of the computing container in winter, heat guns are used, made in the miner form factor, which are inserted for warm-up time to reach positive temperatures instead inserting the part of the miners into common racks.

Readiness to launching and geographical flexibility

All components of the computing complex and the supporting engineering infrastructure are made as complete factory units equipped with internal life support systems designed for transportation on public roads without being escorted. An additional advantage is the possibility of the complex prompt relocation to another site, for example, in case of finding a site with low tariffs on electricity.

Energy efficiency – a quick return on investment

Additional fans are turned on only in the mode of extremely low temperatures to ensure the forced flow of heated air to the miners inlet. The average annual cost of cooling the container infrastructure for Russia’s central part is no more than 5–7% of the total power consumed by the computing container.

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