The 'Telecore' Company history dates back to 1998.The Company production facilities were inherited from the enterprise of the former military-industrial complex in the town of Tomsk which had been specializing on engineering kits and automation equipment for more than 40 years.


  • 1998

    The first output of commercial products.

  • 1999

    Development of optical distribution frames and the start of telecommunication racks and cabinets production.

  • 2000

    Development of the climatic cabinets line and subsequent implementation of standard project.

  • 2001 –

    The Company alters its representation as a supplier of solely cabinet products and starts to develop engineering solutions only.

  • 2003 –

    Engineering competencies development, research and introduction of new engineering developments.
    Design of engineering complexes and hull structure-based energy solutions.
    Production certification in accordance with international regulations and codes ISO 9001.
    The transition to modern equipment, the creation of well-functioning logistics, the management of Product Quality Control Service.

  • 2005

    Starting ОЕМ – the production of telecommunication racks and cabinets for leading transnational companies – АРС, Rittal и IskraTel.
    Supply of more than 1,500 container version DGUs under the state contract.
    Successful completion of a number of large orders for federal customers.
    The networks of regional service representatives were created.
    The sales geography covers all regions of the RF.

  • 2008

    Strengthening of positions in the telecommunications market, active development of new products and increase in the output volume, turn-key telecommunications solutions production.
    Development and manufacture of the first mobile container type data-centers (MDSPC ) and starting formation of the technical solutions knowledge base.

  • 2009

    Official registration of the 'TeleCore' brand name. Design and manufacture of the first MDSPC based on direct free cooling technology.

  • 2010

    Technical re-equipment, introduction of the latest developments, increase in the output of products required for the telecommunications and IT industries, fuel and energy complex enterprises, the beginning of the production of communication container units.

  • 2011 –

    Perfection of painting technology for container and cabinet solutions.
    Design and manufacture of the first solution based on two container units
    Launching the production of control and management container units (CMCU).

  • 2013

    Design and production of MDSPC with steam humidification system.


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