Server racks

To house server, cross and other active network equipment, propriatory server racks are provided for designed for static and dynamic loads.
The server racks characteristics:
  • Overall dimensions - 600x1300x1990 mm;
  • Standard -19 ’’, effective height 42U;
  • The useful depth is 1,000 m;
  • Permissible load on the rack - up to 1,000 kg;
  • Server racks have the ability to move at a distance equal to half the rack;
  • Maintenance of equipment installed in the rack is effected through removable side panels, divided into parts by the depth of the rack;
  • Cable entry from above through flexible cable channels;
  • Front hinged perforated doors;
  • Forced ventilation system installed in the back of the rack.
Production of racks for equipment with non-standard air cooling is possible.


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