Packaged transformer substations

MPTS - modular packaged transformer substations of – MPTS type 'TeleCore' are single-transformer (two-transformer) substations of deadend or through-passage version, they are used to receive, convert and distribute energy of three-phase alternating current with voltage up to 35 kV and frequency of 50 Hz and are intended for use in power supply systems of urban housing communal, public and industrial facilities, as well as individual building zones and cottage settlements.

General description

MPTS consist entirely of factory-assembled complete units, which are delivered to the installation site, that is, the equipment dismantling is not required. The modules, and the nodes are mounted and connected to the supply networks onsite.

The modular principle underlying the production provides flexibly changeable dimensions and the ability to select the unit configuration for any type of equipment.

The 'TeleCore' specialists, taking into account the customer requests, can develop 'non-standard' solutions, without increase in the cost and production time.

Modular packaged transformer substations have a significant advantage compared with other options:

  • Minimum installation time, adjustment and commissioning due to full factory readiness. The possibility of dismantling within a short time when moving;
  • Reducing losses on longer lines;
  • Flexibly changeable sizes;
  • A large number of versions designed for different climatic conditions, different levels of load, as well as a wide variety of consumer needs;
  • Convenience and guaranteed safety during operation, increased equipment reliability.

The length, width, height of the units and their number may vary depending on the selected electrical equipment, wiring diagram, power and operating conditions. Units are easily combined into a common structure.

Improved manufacturing technology of reinforced concrete structures, which are produced according to the advanced method, which allows to easily adjust the length and width of the concrete block, the location of doors and louvers around the unit perimeter.

Characteristics of materials used in the production process of monolithic structures comply with international standards.

In the MPTS design the following criteria are applied:

  • service life;
  • strength;
  • humidity resistance;
  • frost resistance;
  • seismic resistance;
  • fire safety.

A transformer substation consists of:

  • outdoor packaged switchgear (OPS) – 35 kV;
  • two power dry transformers 6300/35/6;
  • outdoor packaged switchgear (OPS) – 6 kV.

All equipment is installed into modular-mobile units on skids.

Climatic conditions:

  • Minimal outdoor temperature: -50°С
  • Maximal outdoor temperature: +40°С

Composition of transformer substation engineering systems:

  • transformer substation container unit
  • power supply system;
  • electrical lighting system;
  • electrical heating system.

It is sold completely packaged, ready, complete with all the necessary documentation, tested, can be accepted by the customer at the factory before shipment.


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