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Container data storage and processing center (CDSPC)

Мобильный центр обработки данных (МЦОД) решает задачи по обеспечению комплексной безопасности промышленных и режимных объектов, а также позволяет быстро создать вычислительный центр для развертывания ИТ-инфраструктуры на новой площадке или в труднодоступных районах. Решение базируется на мобильном контейнере стандартных транспортных габаритов (20 футов), оборудованном автономными инженерными системами с комплексом программных и аппаратных средств, предназначенными для приема, хранения и обработки информации.


Modular data storage and processing centre

Modular data processing center is designed for placement IT equipment in the ready-to-use complexes with engineering infrastructure



Mini DPC is a finished product which incorporates all engineering systems of a traditional data processing center (DPC). The product is designed for placement of critical and telecommunications equipment in unprepared heated spaces. Hermeticity of the structure and low noise level allow to place the product in in office premises, at production sites, in warehouses and hangars.


Server floor-standing cabinets 'Telecore SRV'

The server cabinet of UHL4 version according to GOST 15150 is a universal prefabricated structure designed for the installation of telecommunications and server equipment. Recommended for installation of equipment of standard 19 inches (19 ”), in accordance with GOST 28601.2 (IEC 297-2) and TU 4083-002-88363779-2010. The equipment is located on the vertical perforated profiles. Perforation conforms to DIN 41494-7. Any standard 19 ”devices are installed on the perforated profiles.


MDSPC Engineering systems

MDSPC is basically a housing-type container, a protective shell ensuring arrangement of equipment and the necessary protection against external effects.


Mobile mining farm

The computing mining container consists of the main unit 12,192х2,896х3,000 mm (LхHхW) and the unit of the reverse flow and air mixing chamber 12,192х1,000х3,000 mm (LхHхW).  It has guides and fasteners for quick onsite installation as a single unit.



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