Mini DPC is a finished product which incorporates all engineering systems of a traditional data processing center (DPC). The product is designed for placement of critical and telecommunications equipment in unprepared heated spaces. Hermeticity of the structure and low noise level allow to place the product in in office premises, at production sites, in warehouses and hangars.

General description

The product is pressurized, heat-insulated cabinet, consisting of individual fast-coupling sections, which allows its bringing and installation in premises with standard doors. The construction preparation of premises is not needed.

Mini DSPC engineering systems

  • Power supply entry system, including distribution, accounting, surge protection and ASI;
  • Uninterruptible power supply system, including uninterruptible power supply or power supply units (PSU) with accumulator batteries and power distribution units;
  • Cooling system, with outdoor units located outdoor;
  • The Novec-based system of automatic gas fire extinguishing;
  • Safe guarding systems complex, including fire alarm systems, video surveillance, access control system (ACS), video surveillance is implemented both inside the cabinets and in the premises;
  • Low voltage and cable laying systems;
  • System of intellectual monitoring and remote control.

Advantages of Mini DSPC.

  • Noise isolation, noise level of Mini DSPC – not more than 55 * dB, which allows to place the product near the workplaces, immediately in the office;
  • Thermal insulation, Mini DSPC can be placed in hot workshops, or in rooms with low positive temperatures;
  • Dust insulation, the protection degree of the server cabinet from dust and moisture according to GOST 14254-96-IP 55, is IP 65 version, which allows to place the product in dusty rooms;
  • Heat sink capacity – up to 20 kW, extended operation range of cooling system outdoor units – from - 45 to +50 with the possibility of expansion, uninterrupted cooling;
  • Separate access to engineering and IT equipment and convenient access to maintain all systems;
  • Separation of air flows within the structure, controlled fan units;
  • Control of all key parameters of the engineering infrastructure of the Mini DSPC, both in its own management software with Web access, and in third-party SCADA systems or centralized systems supporting SNMP;
  • Local control panel with display on the inside of the front door;
  • End-to-end cycle of design and production, which allows to rework products for specific requirements, without increasing production time.


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