Server floor-standing cabinets 'Telecore SRV'

The server cabinet of UHL4 version according to GOST 15150 is a universal prefabricated structure designed for the installation of telecommunications and server equipment. Recommended for installation of equipment of standard 19 inches (19 ”), in accordance with GOST 28601.2 (IEC 297-2) and TU 4083-002-88363779-2010. The equipment is located on the vertical perforated profiles. Perforation conforms to DIN 41494-7. Any standard 19 ”devices are installed on the perforated profiles.

General description

The cabinet design includes a prefabricated welded enclosure consisting of reinforced support frames and attachment channels made of 1.5 mm steel, doors of 1.5 mm steel, and supporting profiles of 2.0 mm steel.

The cabinet is designed for installation of 19 inch standard equipment, has a perforated profile capacity of 42 or 48 U for the customer's equipment. The maximum depth of the installed equipment can be up to 900 mm.

Four 19” reinforced perforated profiles are installed in the cabinet – the depth of the profiles arrangement can vary depending on the installed equipment.

Equipment in the cabinet can be accessed through the front or rear doors. The doors are equipped with locks with swivel handles.

Four easily removable side panels – provide convenient access to the installed equipment. Fixing the side panels by using the lock. The lock also protects against unauthorized access.

At the bottom of the cabinet there are four legs – with a screw thread which compensate for floor unevenness, four rollers are installed that allow to move the cabinet.

The cable entry is through cable channels in the upper part of the cabinet.

A removable perforated roof is installed in the upper part.

For the convenience of the cable laying and fixing, places for the installation of cable rings both in front and behind the cabinet are provided for.

All parts of the cabinet are connected to the common earthing bus by a flexible wire.


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