Customer: 'RN-SakhalinMorNeftegaz', LLC
Address: isl. Sakhalin
Year of commissioning: 2019

General description

Modular-Packaged Power Plants (MPPP) is designed for providing external consumers with electrical energy as a standby power supply in the mode of minimal periodical maintenance.

MPPP is operated on the twenty-four-hour basis under the following climatic conditions:

  • ambient temperature:
    • absolute minimum – 42,2°С;
    • absolute maximum +33,9°С;
    • average air temperature of the coldest month – minus 16,4°С;
    • average air temperature of the hottest month – plus 19,9°С;
    • average air temperature of the coldest five day period – minus 32°С;
  • design value of the snow load not higher than – 4.0 kPa;
  • seismicity not more than – 8 degrees;
  • rated value of the wind pressure – 60 kg/sq.m
  • installation height above the sea level – no 29 m;

MPPP includes the following subsystems:

  • mobile building;
  • power supply system;
  • DGU А(/E) D500S-Т400-2R(N/P) with own needs system (SN);
  • fuel system:
  • oil system;
  • exhaust system;
  • breather system;
  • lighting system (working, emergency, external, repair);
  • climate control system (heating and ventilation);
  • monitoring and control system.
  • SFAS and Automated gas fire-fighting system (AGFFS);
  • spares and tool kit;
  • personal protection equipment kit (PPE)

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