Solutions for power generation

TeleCore offers development and manufacture of power solutions based on hull and modular structures.

A list of integrated solutions:

Diesel power plants (dpp)

Autonomous diesel power plants (ADPP) in a container, manufactured by the 'TeleCore', are fully autonomous power modules designed for operation in various weather conditions, at temperatures from –50 (–60) ° С to +40 ° С, in the complete absence of electrical networks, or for emergency power supply to consumers.  The use of mobile buildings of Sever container type allows to create autonomous complexes designed for the rapid construction of power supply systems with minimal costs for transportation, installation and maintenance.


Packaged transformer substations

MPTS - modular packaged transformer substations of – MPTS type 'TeleCore' are single-transformer (two-transformer) substations of deadend or through-passage version, they are used to receive, convert and distribute energy of three-phase alternating current with voltage up to 35 kV and frequency of 50 Hz and are intended for use in power supply systems of urban housing communal, public and industrial facilities, as well as individual building zones and cottage settlements.


Eelectrical cabinets and industrial purpose cabinets 'Telecore industrial'

floor-standing INDUSTRIAL distribution cabinets are designed for operation in the industrial automation systems, process communication and safety systems. Designed to accommodate switching and control equipment of production lines and technological processes, accommodation and installation of electrical, electronic equipment, specialized controllers, communications and telecommunications equipment and IT equipment in industrial performance.



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