Complex engineering solution for communication centers management with electromagnetic protection based on 'Telecore-emc' cabinet

Communication center with electromagnetic protection based on 'TeleCore-ЕМС' is designed for accommodation of communication equipment of the closed segment of telecommunication and computing equipment.

General description

The cabinet is designed for installation in heated premises having engineering utilities required for equipment ensuring microclimate parameters. The cabinet protects against information theft from outside using devices for deliberate removal of induced electromagnetic oscillations. It can be used by security forces, departments and enterprises having a closed segment of the information and communication system in which confidential information of various access levels is processed and transmitted.

Electromagnetic protection is realized through the use of a special design and low-resistance seals.

All mechanically mating elements of the cabinet structure have closed contours of the contact surfaces to ensure electrical contact. The design of the door and rear wall are reinforced with channel frame, into which EMC-seal is laid. Earthing of each structural element is made by at least two conductors at two different points (depending on the size of the earthing element). The rear wall, door and profiles 19"" are also grounded to the common bus of the cabinet. The cabinet housing is an all-welded structure, reinforced with additional angles connecting the upper and lower parts with the side planes.

The TeleCore-EMC Cabinet has the following advantages:

  • All-welded housing
  • Removable rear wall
  • Front door
  • Demountable pedestal

Protection against unauthorized access to the cabinet is provided by anti tamper switches mounted on the cabinet housing on the door side and the back wall. To cool the installed equipment, perforated holes are made that provide natural ventilation inside the cabinet.

Other packagings of the cabinet are also possible.


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